HOPE CARES (Comprehensive Approach For Rural Education Support)


The success achieved over several years of persistent work in the education sector of all 14 districts of Kerala gave us confidence to launch the HOPE CARES program. This was nothing but a natural progression of HOPE moving into the most rural(tribal) parts of Kerala with an objective much bigger, but completely aligned with the HOPE initiative. While HOPE was based on the strong belief that the success of one student from a family will result in the upliftment of the family, HOPE CARES took it one step further. This project not only aims at securing the lives of thousands of underprivileged students, but it also aims to achieve the total development of a society as a result of this empowerment through education.



Despite all efforts to ensure constitutional equality, dignity and development for the tribal people across Kerala, they have always lagged in education. This was attributed to several external as well as internal constraints, socio-economic and cultural background of the tribal, psychological problems of first-generation learners etc. There were several other persistent problems like poor quality of schools, lack of availability of suitable teachers, relevance of content and curriculum, medium of instruction, pedagogy, and supervision.


HOPE CARES is a comprehensive program covering all rural (tribal) areas of Kerala which is being implemented by a set of professionals under CGCT with the multipronged approach of financial support, mentoring, handholding through higher education and employment support through skill development. 

HOPE CARES is trying to address some of the key issues in the education sector in the tribal areas that result in the premature drop out of students.  Lack of Interest in study, Economic problem for continuing the studies, Lack of Proper Guidance and Lack of Awareness of Parents are targeted as the primary areas of focus through the HOPE - CARES project.  This project is also hoping to empower the teachers to ensure that the right message gets passed on to their students. Since teachers are the first point of contact for anything related to education, the ability of each teacher to attract students, show them the appropriate direction and motivate the students to achieve greater goals is of paramount importance.


HOPE CARES has a mix of short-term and long-term objectives to achieve its mission. The objectives are;

  • Create Awareness for the need for quality higher education among students, teachers and parents.
  • Create Interest among students to complete their high school education and guide them towards appropriate higher educations that could fetch them jobs matching their skill sets.
  • Ease the financial burden of the students by providing the most deserving students with financial support.
  • Equip the teachers with adequate tools and skillsets so that they become the guardian angels of education and become the guiding light for each student who comes to the school.
  • Create awareness among parents on the need for education by enlightening them on the infinite possibilities that exist in the world through higher education.

HOPE – CARES journey started on 01st Oct 2016 at Agali Govt. Higher Secondary School, Attappadi, Palakkad district. It was formally inaugurated by Smt. Sreelakshmi Sreekumar, Grama Panchayath President in a meeting presided by Mr. C. Radhakrishnan, District Panchayath member. Eminent academicians, District Panchayath Authorities, Govt. Officials, School PTA Officials, Head of the Institutions from the schools in Attappadi and CGCT representatives attended the function and offered unconditional support to the project.